2019 Training

Joint Use Clearances & Arc Flash Calculations

8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lunch Provided

Impact of New Communication Equipment on Joint Use Clearances (1/2 Day Class)

The use of fiber optic lines in the supply space and the desire of telecommunication to install 5G antennas in the supply space present challenges to electric utilities. The class addresses the NESC requirements as they relate to safe clearances for communication workers and supply utility workers. In addition, the class addresses methods to use for sharing space on the pole with telecommunication companies.

Course Outline

I. Sharing of Poles
     A. FCC Rules
     B. Pole Access
II. Types of Antennas
     A. 5G
     B. Small Cells
III. Structural Impact
IV. 2017 NESC Clearances
     A. Antennas
     B. Fiber in the Supply Space

Changes in Arc Flash Calculations (1/2 Day Class)

IEEE Standard 1584 was updated in late 2018. Significant changes were made that could change the PPE used by electric utilities. These changes include elimination of the exception for transformers below 125 kVA and elimination of the 85% rule. Further, the calculation now includes more shape factors for arcs that are considered to be enclosed in switchgear or similar enclosures. The new calculations are more accurate, but present challenges for electric utilities. This class addresses the changes and the new calculation methods.

Course Outline

I. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
II. Safety in the Work Place
     A. National Electrical Safety Code
     B. OSHA
III. Overcoming the “Bullet Proof” Mindset
IV. IEEE 1584‐2018 Major Changes
     A. Electrode Configuration
     B. Elimination of the Exception for Transformers below 125 kVA and the 85% Rule
     C. More Shape Factors for Arcs in Enclosures
V. Guidelines for Performing Arc Flash Assessments
VI. Arc Flash Calculation Methods
VII. Working Distances
VIII. Enclosure Size Correction Factor

Instructor: Jason Settle, Hi-Line Engineering

Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lunch Provided

Attendees should bring a laptop

Interested in becoming a PowerShell ninja? With so many of us having limited IT resources, discovering opportunities to automate administrative tasks can be a real lifesaver. This instructor-led course by New Horizon’s Training Computer Learning Center will introduce you PowerShell and how you can leverage it to administer your Windows based environment.

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started with Windows PowerShell
    • Overview & Background, Syntax, and Commands
  • Cmdlets for Administration
    • Active Directory Administration & Network Configuration Cmdlets
  • Working with the Windows PowerShell Pipeline
    • Understanding & Using the Pipeline
  • Administering Remote Computers
    • Basic Windows PowerShell Remoting & Using PSSessions

Instructor: New Horizons